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Stress Negative
Bred By: Adam Beck & Family Showpigs

The excitement and anticipation of making this one available has been so high that we haven’t hardly been able to stand it! This boar and his litter have been special since a very early age and the presence this one brings offers nothing like we have ever had here before! This one is without a doubt the best Crossbred hog produced at Adam Beck & Family Showpigs and we are very proud to have him highlight this fall set! Sired by the legendary Best Man and out of a Triple Crown sow that come from Swenson, this one is a genetic powerhouse. Affirmed is an absolute stout creature when you talk about heaviness of bone and ruggedness of skeleton. Huge legs, massive feet and big bones construct this one’s skeleton. Busted open at the ground off both ends while keeping his hocks and knees square. Great athleticism when in motion and power that is incredible. Shape and mass make up the top side of his skeleton and he is loaded with rib shape and dimension. Awesome showpig look up front with a stout, yet extended skull! This one is about as complete and fault free as you can make one! Affirmed has us excited about the future of our Crossbred program both here at Crossroads and ABF. This one will be heard from and will leave his mark! Get in on him while you can and head straight to the backdrop!!!