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Identity Crisis X Glory Days

Bred by Norman Bros.
Stress Negative
Ear Notch 9-1
Reg # 164122001
Pre-Order: $75
Overrun: $75
Last Call: $75

– $25,000 STC Champion Berkshire Boar!!!
– Impressive Berkshire boar that we felt was a must own!
– Little different splash of a pedigree on the surface, backed by some of the greats in the breed when you dive into it!!!
– Awesome build and comfortably in how he handles himself at the surface!!!
– Square built and true off both ends!!!
– Proportional body shape and muscle to match his skeleton!!!
– Stout featured in terms of skeleton with big legs and dense skull that still reads with a good look!!!
– We think this one has big league potential to make elite Berkshire offspring!!!