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New Summer 2022 Sire

Night Moves

3-Peat X Outta Line

Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs
Pre-Order: $300
Overrun: $200
Last Call: $100


  • Exciting private purchase from the Ottenwalter Legacy Sale!
  • We’d heard rumblings of a wicked, solid black 3-Peat son in California and once we talked to Russell and saw his video, we were way in!
  • The Ottenwalter crew tied into 3-Peat more than anyone and that commitment produced big time results!
  • His mother is a powerful young sow that was campaigned successfully in Indiana last and her pedigree makes him a very line-bred animal!
  • NIGHT MOVES reads like a show barrow sire!
  • Proportions with elite extras!
  • Enormous chest floor that hits square with a hind leg that leaves the same way!
  • Short backed, round bodied with impressive spread up high!
  • Sharp looking and level hipped with that prolific pattern from the side!
  • Boogie your way to the backdrop with NIGHT MOVES!