No Pedigree Available


Stress Negative
Registration: 136299003
Ear Notch: 21-3
Owned With: Hill Showpigs & Fugate Showpigs

The demand for purebred hogs seems to be at an all-time high regardless of breed! That always keeps us on the lookout to find that next great one to come along that can benefit their breed and cause it to progress forward. The Landrace show at the Winter Type Conference was one of the better ones in recent times! The boar named Champion earned that honor with his ability to balance together bone, squareness, muscle and design and then take those areas to the extreme while staying sound footed. Many around ringside where talking about how that was a breed changer! We couldn’t agree more! Mayhem hit us as hard as any boar has in some time regardless of breed! A boar that is super heavy boned and stout featured. Monster legs with huge feet and a skeleton that reads stout! One that is so unique for his breed in the fact that he is short bodied, moderate framed with a big back. Yet, Mayhem still reads awesome from the side, as he is level designed with great extension up front. This one is so sound and flexible for the amount of mass and bone that makes up his skeleton. Sired by Overthrow, the Korb boar, that used to reside here, and out of a Jaws sow. Mayhem’s mother is a littermate to Call Me Crazy at Showtime Sires and another littermate sister was Reserve Champion Landrace at the NJSA Western Regional in 2016. The thing that furthermore excites us about Mayhem is the fact of how good his littermate brother was, watching him capture the Champion Landrace Barrow title at the Southeast Regional for Jax Holt! This one definitely fires us up about the Landrace breed and is one that we feel will make an impact! If you want to cause an uproar and make the Landrace ring crazy good, then do it with a little Mayhem!!!