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Shoot Em’


Stress Negative
Bred By: Jonathan Rosenbaum
Owned With: Ottenwalter Showpigs

First off, we would like to thank Ottenwalter Showpigs for teaming up with us on this powerful herd sire! SHOOT ‘EM was hands down the most talked about Crossbred boar in Indy! Many called him a freak of nature or the extreme different one of the show! This all stems from the MASSIVE amount of bone that makes up this one’s skeleton. We are in agreement as we have never seen a hog with this much pipe under him and couldn’t be happier that he found a new home in

Clayton! SHOOT ‘EM leaves you in awe with his incredible stoutness, but when you look past that, he offers much more! He is a wide made hog that is square built and moderate framed. This one comes at you with a monster chest and leaves you with a big square, shapely hip. He is chiseled down his top, bold in his rib, and opened up in his blade. Tie to that his cool, youthful look and added style, and we feel like this one has many attributes to make some changes! If you’re serious about hunting down the big win and tagging purple banners then just SHOOT ‘EM!!