Stress Negative
Bred By: Keplinger Farms
Owned With: Keplinger Farms

The demand for prolific Crossbred boars is one that is never short! The vast array of genetic lines available make it a unique breed to try and create; leaving one always searching for that next piece. For us, that piece made himself known at the 2017 Fall Classic is the form of Keplinger’s Class Winner. This blue belted boar offered a fresh pedigree and enough intriguing features to warrant him as the $45,000 Top Seller of the Crossbred show. We were thrilled to own this one when the hammer dropped and extend our thanks to Seth for making him available! Barricade comes with a pedigree made up of in house boars that Seth raised and reads Blue It Up X All Gold Everything X Super Monster. Blue It Up is a Sky Cam X True Love X Deep Pockets X Super Monster. Barricade’s mother is an All Gold Everything; which shared the same dam as Bandwagon. All Gold Everything is a Living Legend X Hillbilly Bone X Magic Touch X Deep Pockets X Super Monster. His grand dam on the maternal side is a Super Monster X Born Again X Drop Shot. All this in a nutshell equates to the pedigree of Barricade including all the elite sows of Keplinger’s that have been responsible for their biggest successes. The phenotypic presence and generating ability is going to be there with the 5 direct shots of Super Monster and 3 direct shots of Hillbilly Bone. The guesswork has been eliminated! Barricade is a creature in the way he combines look, stoutness and muscle. A high headed style from the side that is level from his blade to his hip. Huge chest that is opened up coming at you. The ability to put together squareness of hip and hock with flexibility is impressive in this one. Great big legs and feet make up the base of his skeleton. Awesome expression of shape and muscle down his back. Bold and deep about his rib cage and body. An impressive specimen that not only has the look but the power to generate. Blue color is only a bonus. Stand strong and keep the competition on the outside looking in with Barricade!!!