Blindside’s Mom



Stress Negative
Bred By: Schulte Farms

Sometimes we find things when we least expect them. This was certainly the case when we stumbled upon this monster crossbred boar in Southern Ohio! Adam was judging in the area and got asked to come take a look at a boar on feed for the expo. It didn’t take long for him to know we needed to bring this one to Clayton. A big thank you to Carter & Aly Schulte for inviting us to come take a look at this one! Blindside has a pedigree that is both popular and loaded with generations of genetic giants. Sired by the very popular Visionary boar, not else much needs said there. The sow side is where things get very interesting for us. Her pedigree reads Deuce Bigalow X Toxic 28-3 X Bulletproof. This makes Blindside’s pedigree combine some of the greats including Hillbilly Bone, Alias, Toxic, Eye Candy and Bulletproof to name a few. The Toxic 28-3 sow was a high dollar baby that came from Ogle that was sold bred to Warren Bros by Beck & DWE. The Bulletproof sow was the Champion at Expo several years back that originated from Cobb. The Warren’s then in turn sold the Deuce Bigalow gilt at the Crossbred Classic where she brings $4,500! Now that that’s out of the way, Blindside is one we absolutely love from a build and look standpoint. One that truly is tall fronted and runs up hill while being level from blade to hip. Awesome show hog look and extension up front. Big and square chested and leaves the same way. Extra flex and reach to his hocks and plants with authority behind. Big, shapely back and hip with a monster of a rib cage. Blindside is so balanced and complete in all aspects! We think this one has big time potential to set the standard for today’s showpigs and we expect big things to come from him. Glad to have him locked up and ready to be a headliner this summer! If you want to eliminate the competition and knock down anyone in your way, hit them from the Blindside!!!