Blue Chip


Stress Negative
Bred By: Mark Hurd
Owned With: Mark Hurd

We all know that when evaluating hogs, color is often the first attractant that draws your attention. We had heard from some very reputable breeders that Mark Hurd had a really good blue crossbred boar on feed that we needed to see. When we visited Mark’s and he ran BLUE CHIP out it was no different in this situation. His cool blue spotted pattern immediately caught our eyes. Beyond that, this one simply amazed us due to his massive bone structure and huge foot. This Skywire x No Fare x Up Gray’d son truly fired us up! His build and design were immaculate and his flexibility of skeleton was flawless. This one is tall shouldered and dead level down his spine. He truly runs uphill the way he extends out thru his head and neck. At the ground, this one is square coming and going. BLUE CHIP excels in the way his hock stays inside his skeleton, his joints are clean and he flexes with ease. Muscle shape and mass are good for a stress negative boar and really adds to the balance this one brings to the table. In an industry that we feel is headed to hogs that are tall fronted and stout that can motor, we feel BLUE CHIP is going to be one to help head us in that direction. If you’re one that wants to play for the big banners, then make sure your lineup is full of BLUE CHIP caliber show hogs!!!

Sired by Blue Chip:

Reserve Grand Market Hog
2016 Cow Palace
Shown by: Alexis Coonce