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Caught Nappin’


Stress Carrier
Registration: 51384001
Ear Notch: 5-1
Bred By: Brattain Farms
Owned With: Cole Reeves, Stayton Farms & Brattain Farms

— Reserve Champion Poland Boar 2019 STC

— Incredible Poland boar with an awesome pedigree

— Full sib in blood to the following: Overall Bronze Medallion Barrow & Champion Poland at Tulsa, First Aid, and the Champion Poland Gilt at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2017

— Mother raises the Champion Poland Barrow at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2017 and Grandma was the Reserve Champion Poland Gilt at both CPS & Expo in 2014

— Absolute athlete in how sound and fluid he is when in motion

—  Awesome from the side being level with a trendy look

— Great body shape and muscle pattern

—  Bold and square at the ground with stout features

— The “steal” of the Summer Type Conference

— Caught Nappin’ will make those trendy show pigs that are fun to feed and has the winning pedigree to back it up