Job Security


Stress Negative
Registration: 48065005
Ear Notch: 7-5
Bred By: Stayton Farms
Owned With: Stayton Farms

— The “new” buzz around the Poland breed!

— From one of the hottest firms in the Poland game and out of their most productive sow (21-5)!

— Littermate to 6th Overall Gilt & Champion Poland 2017 IN State Fair and Champion Poland 2017 MLE!

— Sired Champion Poland Gilt 2018 IL State Fair and Champion Poland Barrow 2018 Missouri State Fair!

— Mother also raised 5th Overall Barrow & Champion Poland 2018 Team Purebred Jr National, Reserve Poland Barrow 2018 WPX, and Champion Poland Gilt 2017 Fort Worth to name a few!

— Awesome built with a slick look!

— Huge legs and monster feet!

— Great muscle mass and expression for being negative!

— The next step in the Poland breed!!!