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Bred By: RW Genetics

The Crossbred boar show at Duncan is always one of our favorites of the year as the atmosphere is crazy, the crowd is huge and the hogs are really deep in quality! This year was no exception to the normal. While the buzz was around a couple unique boars towards the top of the show, we kept our eye on a solid white one that RW Genetics had in the fight. A boar that we felt could make barrows like crazy with his muscle shape and then offer added value to make those southwest classifying Yorkshire barrows due to his color. Snagging him up for $7,000 was a bargain and we are excited to offer him. Maverick is sired by Mr.Jones, the popular Mr. Wolf son as The Stud. His mother is a purebred Yorkshire sow that has been one of the really good ones in the RW herd. Sired by Saddle Up, she has produced the boars Concrete, 137-5, and Mista Bone (littermate to Maverick). In our conversations with Rick & Niki, they tell us that she is one of their building blocks that they are relying on heavily. Maverick is very unique in how he offers shape and muscle with extra rib and mass. Opened up in his skeleton with extra width but still gets out and handles it. Good designed from the side, being level made and good looking. Stout in his feature and bold in his makeup. A balanced kind of hog that we feel can make that real good kind of barrows! Powerful pedigree and strong phenotype make Maverick a must use if you want to make those elite barrows that can go out and win shows!!!