Stress Negative
Bred By: Gary Todd Showpigs
Owned With: & Raised by Seth Gilstrap

We love the opportunity to own good livestock no matter if we buy them as show hogs or as mature boars. Our travels this summer landed us at Seth Gilstrap’s place to look at a few boars. We made the call to Seth to see if he had anything we needed to see and he immediately mentioned a mature blue boar. When he told us the pedigree it got our attention and when we saw him, we knew we needed to add him in. Sired by Bone in Hand, there may not be a more dominant Crossbred sire in the country currently. One that has sired winners on the biggest stages from coast to coast. His dominance has been unparalleled! The bottom side of his pedigree comes with a neat punch that adds a batch of potent sires. Purchased from Heimer as a baby, she is a Droppin’ Swag 163 x Hillbilly Bone X Full Strut and was a successful show gilt for the Todd Family winning many times. This Bone in Hand litter was a high selling one for Gary and one that looked super consistent and deep. The Todd Family is one of the more dominant one in Oklahoma when it comes to making elite showpigs and always pack a stout pedigree. Wrigley first off gets his name in honor of our good buddy Seth being a diehard Cubs fan and their ability to finally get over the hump and win the big one! Jokes aside though, we feel Wrigley is a headliner kind of Crossbred boar to add to our mix! One that has an impeccable skeleton and a flawless build. His squareness combined with his added mobility and range of motion sets himself apart from a lot of them. Heavy boned and stout featured with a rugged skeleton. Mass and dimension is ideal with great rib shape. Has the look and design to make those elite kind of showpigs! We think this one has unlimited generating power! If you want to win the big one like the Cubs did, play hardball with Wrigley!!!