Clean Slate


Stress Negative
Bred By: Kendall Whittington
Owned With: Gentry Genetics and Robin Ridge Farms

$10,000 Fall Classic Purchase

After the Crossbred show at the Fall Classic was over, we had about 5 boars circled that we needed to take a closer look at. Once we kicked them up in the barn our list quickly became 2 that we felt could plateau our Crossbred program to the next level. One of those being the Champion Boar, Pinnacle, and the other being the Kendall Whittington entry. CLEAN SLATE flat out blew us away with what he had to present. A different pedigree is what most quickly realized about him. Many times different can be good and that’s what many felt like this one brought to the table. A pedigree that reads Second Chance x Refresh; both boars owned by Kendall. Second Chance is a white boar that is an Untouchable x Shoot ‘Em. Refresh is a belted boar that is a Rename x Deep Pockets x Super Duper that came from Coulson’s. The mother of CLEAN SLATE is a Refresh x Shoot ‘Em. That excites us as it adds two shots of our old Shoot ‘Em boar in there and we all know the value of Shoot ‘Em females! This boar was third in class behind the Champion and Reserve and garnered the attention of many. This one was so impressive to view back in the barn. Massive backed and huge centered with awesome power. The front-end extension and look to this thing is wicked. One that literally runs up hill. If he doesn’t add that awesome show barrow look that we all try to make, we aren’t sure there is one out there that will. Dead level and cocky with huge legs and feet that flat out cover some surface. CLEAN SLATE was an easy decision for us to want to add. Among our crew at Duncan, we were house divided on which one we liked the most. Special thanks to Robin Ridge Farm & Gentry Genetics for teaming up with us on CLEAN SLATE. We feel this one will make those show hogs that will honestly do as his name implies. Another big leaguer that we are fortunate to be able to offer you. Clean out your competitors with CLEAN SLATE!!!