Cole Mine


Stress Negative
Registration: 538348006
Ear Notch: 1-6
Bred By: Garrett & Kenneth Cole
Owned With: Robin Ridge Farms & Rodibaugh and Russ & Jason Leigh

Never in our wildest dreams did we even begin to think lightening would strike two years in a row when we traveled to Perry, GA for the WTC. Last year during the Duroc show when Earthquake stormed to the ring, he rattled our seats and had everyone talking; this year, during the Yorkshire boar drive, Cole Mine did it to us again; once again creating chatter throughout the event!! We have had our sights set on a Yorkshire boar of this caliber since the creation of Crossroads Genetics 3 years ago! Cole Mine is an absolute creature in terms of shape, width, and mass. He is massive boned, with huge feet and sound as a cat. He comes at you with a monster chest floor and maintains that impressive width and power throughout the entirety of his skeleton. The topside of this mammoth is as impressive as his base. Chiseled, bold, and monstrously massive only begins to describe this one when viewing him from behind. The best thing about Cole Mine, in our opinion, is the fact that he is from about as deep and consistent litter of Yorkshires to surface in some time. This WTC Champion Yorkshire Boar’s littermate boasts an impressive cast fit for Hollywood big screen as it includes: Reserve Grand Champion & Champion Yorkshire Barrow – NJSA Southeast Regional, Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt – NSR WTC, and Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt – NJSA Southeast Regional. If your business is making big time Yorkshire market hogs or elite Yorkshire females then you may just want to dig a little deeper in the Cole Mine for your golden opportunity!! Again many thanks go to our good friends Mike Fagg, the Rodibaughs, and the Leighs for wanting to own a piece of the Cole Mine!!