Deadliest Catch


Stress Carrier
Bred By: Perry Swine Genetics

We believe that Deadliest Catch is one of the truly unique ones we have seen from the standpoint of combining extreme skeletal width and muscle with flexibility and design. This boar has a high head carriage and comes at you super wide with a true show barrow look. He is extra bold in his center rib and has the shape and power up top and through his hip it takes to sire barrows that can win. He pushes the envelope enough in terms of power to generate but not at the expense of soundness. We realize that heavy muscled, wide based boars are a dime a dozen but few can bring this together with the same kind of athleticism and design as Deadliest Catch. In recent years, Travis Perry has established a track record that would rival anyone’s in the industry, and he feels this one is as good as he’s put together.