Stress Negative
Bred By: Heimer Hamps


We have been searching for a Swagger son for quite some time now, but have yet to find one that we just truly felt was the one until we came across this one. This is by far the best Swagger son we have seen to date!!! Our good friend Seth Giltstrap had been telling us about this one for some time now and after seeing videos we were highly intrigued to see this one at Indy. A sickness caused him to not be able to head to the Crossbred Classic so we made it a priority to head north to see him. It was definitely worth the trip as he blew us away!!! It took $15,000 to own this one but we felt like he needed to come and be next to this incredibly deep set we already have in place! When discussing a name for this one, we searched synonyms for Swagger and got results of attitude and Ego amongst others. We felt Ego fits this one very well, as he is a cocky, up headed, powerhouse that demands attention!! He is out of a Heimer bred gilt that the Lambright firm purchased and she is one impressive female! Ego sets the bar when it comes to bone, width, and dimension. He is steer legged with huge feet and is busted open front to rear in his skeleton. He maintains that width up high, as his top is monstrous. He comes at you with a massive chest and leaves you with a mammoth rear end. This one is sound and correct on his feet and legs tying everything together in an explosive package!! We think this is the final headliner piece to add to an unbelievable set of boars available this fall! If you want to finish on top with big time caliber show hogs that can go out and win, than there is no need to check your Ego at the door!!!