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Bred By: Keplinger Farms
Owned With: Keplinger Farms

The addition of Barricade not only excited us for how good we think this sire is going to be, but also for how intriguing the lineage behind him is. In our conversations with Seth at Duncan, we learned of a mature belted boar that was a littermate Blue It Up (sire of Barricade). After he had told us how many sows he had bred to him and how good the pigs were, we had to see for ourselves!
Forgotten has the extended pedigree of Sky Cam X True Love X Deep Pockets X Super Monster and is backed by the best sow on the Keplinger ranch. She is going on 6 years old and is the front pasture kind to view. Her legacy runs deep there as she has lots of daughters in production and has made some influential boars. She herself is the standout from a deep litter that included 4 boars put in stud. She shows no signs of slowing down as she just weaned her 11th litter!
Forgotten is also an impressive one to evaluate. Huge feet and big bones. Opened up and square with a tall fronted, good look. Stout in his skull and extended from the side. Massive in his body with a shapely back and awesome rib cage. Range of motion and flexibility are superb. Balanced one that won’t screw you up. We’re excited to have this one here and feel he can make an impact. Leave the competition scratching their head and searching for answers with Forgotten!!!