Stress Negative
Bred By: Mench Showpigs

The Mench family is one that has experienced a great deal of success inside the show ring. They have won at all levels and typically do so with offspring they produce. During the summer of 2015 they drove a blue gilt very successfully. She was Champion Division 2 at WPX, Grand at their county, and very tough on the show circuit. Adam and I both judged her and liked her a great deal, so when Tom called about a littermate boar, we had to go see him. Sired by the popular Visionary boar is a bonus, but his Drop Shot mom is what excites us. She is the cornerstone sow for the Mench crew, as almost every good crossbred they drive goes back to her at some point. GRAFFITI is one that is easily termed unique. From his color pattern to his phenotype, this one demands you study him. The color that never causes you to never miss him only scratches the surface. GRAFFITI is great designed being tall fronted with excellent extension thru his front end. He is huge chested and leaves you wide. Chiseled down his top with a good kind of rib shape. A genetic powerhouse with the color only a mother could love makes GRAFFITI a sure bet to paint your picture towards success!!!