Grave Digger


Stress Negative
Bred By: Porter- O’Bannon Showpigs

Grave Digger is the littermate brother to the $35,000 Reserve Champion Crossbred Classic Boar Dig Deep. Doug and Jay approached us after we purchased Dig Deep and told us about the littermate brother they had at home that they felt would be a nice fit to alongside and keep the brothers together. Grave Digger, much like his brother, is shapely and expressive in his muscle pattern for being stress negative and out of a pure Hampshire sire. We too feel this will give him the opportunity to generate a consistent set of saleable babies that feed out well. Grave Digger is one that is tall at the point of his should and maintains a level build back thru his hip. He offers a cool look up front with crisp muscle down his top and back thru his hip. He is a stout boned, big footed boar that gets out and covers the surface. We think the brothers offer key components in making shapely saleable babies that will go out and feed to be competitive show hogs. Take your competition to the grave and bury them deep with Grave Digger!!!