Stress Pending
Registration: 318059002
Ear Notch: 1-2
Bred By: John Hacker

As we sorted through the Duroc boars shown this summer, we found John Hacker’s IN State Fair Sr. Champion to be the kind that can generate some real power and still fix feet and leg issues in Duroc sow herds.  Hacksaw is one tough built, heavy duty red boar that has great skeletal width and can go all day. Of the boars offered at Indiana, Hacksaw stood apart in his combination of base width, ribshape and his unmatched foot and bone. He’s stout skulled, bold in his blade and forearm and opens up with a huge chest and center cavity. While many hogs lack durability and stamina, Hacksaw is built to last and has a great foundation and correct skeleton. We couldn’t be more excited about this addition to Crossroads Genetics.