Hey Jack


Stress Negative
Bred By: Lambright Showpigs

With the successes of Shoot ‘Em the last two years, it only made since for us to keep our eye out for a son that we could bring in to not only keep his dad’s legacy going but one that could create his own as well. Hey Jack! is just that son we have been searching for!! Our good buddy Seth Gilstrap sent us videos of this one prior to Indy and we could not wait to see him in person. Once he strolled out of the holding pen at show time at the Crossbred Classic, we knew our search for that Shoot ‘Em son was over!! Hey Jack! does so many of the things right that Shoot ‘Em is known for and then some. Hey Jack! is tall shouldered, good looking and enormous boned. He is one that comes at you like a beast with his massive chest floor and reads stout throughout his entire skeleton. His head is long and extended but stout and comes out of his blade like it should. He is level down his top and back thru his hip. Rib and body are balanced correctly with his huge top making everything tie together in perfect unison. This one’s Toxic momma is one of the really good sows at work at Lambright’s that has been the building block for Seth over the years. If you want to drive competitive show hogs that hunt down banners and trophies call everyone’s attention with Hey Jack! And that’s a fact Jack!!!