Light Em’ Up


Stress Negative
Registration: 344451002
Ear Notch: 3-2
Bred By: Stewart Duroc Farms
Owned With: Robin Ridge Farms

Never before have we had a boar that has caused near the excitement that LIGHT ‘EM UP has created since the STC!!! When this boar hit the ring at Louisville we could hardly sit still as we knew we were going to own him or make someone pay a lot to take him away from us. This class-winning boar went on to be the 2nd Top Selling Boar of the show and it took $17,000 to bring him back to Clayton with us. Again, many thanks to our good friend Mike Fagg for his commitment to our program and wanting to own a piece of LIGHT ‘EM UP with us! We knew we really had something special in this one with all the well-known breeders in this industry grabbing us afterwards and booking semen on him. LIGHT ‘EM UP has come home and continued to simply impress every one that has come thru on a tour. Almost every tour we have people, whether they have red sows or not, ask to see LIGHT ‘EM UP and they are blown away with how square and true this one is on his feet and legs, how big and bold he is in his chest floor and blade and then to have that kind of shape and muscle and handle it the way he does, takes their breathe away! This one has the look and high head carriage that should transmit to his offspring and make any judge grab attention to that kind of design and build. This one’s pedigree is full of big time Duroc boars that have brought Doug success over the years, and is even further proof to back up our thinking of LIGHT ‘EM UP being the next big thing to hit the Duroc breed!! If you like to hang purple banners then your best bet may be to make sure you LIGHT ‘EM UP!!!