Stress Carrier
Bred By: Midwest Genetics
Owned With: Steve Cobb & Family & Heimer Hampshires

The Fall Classic in Duncan, Oklahoma is always one of the most highly anticipated events in the showpig world. The number of hogs and amount of people that fill that place every fall is certainly a spectacle. This is due largely in part to the depth of quality that shows up year in and year out in both the breeding hogs and weanlings. When the dust settled on Friday evening it was beyond apparent that the buzz was all around the mature Crossbred boar show. Breeders and staff both were excited about how good the show had been. Many saying that it was the deepest Crossbred show maybe at any NSR event ever held!? While depth was fun to look at, the individual that garnered the most attention was the Champion of the show from Midwest Genetics. When Steve brings one to a hog show they are always good but chatter here was that this could possibly be his best one yet. With great hogs like Monumental coming from his program; that’s a huge statement! Heading into the Fall Classic, we made our goal to thoroughly address our Crossbred program and add some elite headliners that could take us to the PINNACLE of that arena. Quite frankly we agreed with that statement of many and made it our mission to bring this one home to IN. It took $85,000 to load him on our trailer and we are beyond thrilled to have this one in our stable. A huge thank you to Steve Cobb & Family & Heimer Hampshires for teaming up on this monster. You can rest assured he’s going to see some great sows! Sired by Beyond, one of the dynamic Cobb duo at PBG, and out of a really good Hillbilly Bone X Super Monster sow. Steve tells us there are a trio of these sows at his place that are going to make a statement for years to come. This one has been called the best boar to show in several years! This is due to the mass and stoutness this one possesses combined with dimension and build make him unique. Tall shouldered with a good, stout look will make PINNACLE a barrow sire supreme. His huge bone structure and stout skeleton grab your attention quickly. Bold rib cage and great muscle expression with a huge back and hip. Stride that is athletic and fluid when set into motion.  We think PINNACLE can hit a big time homerun for us. If you’re serious about making crossbred hogs that can win the biggest shows out there then you need to make that your PINNACLE to reach! Call that cliché if you want, but ask anyone who attended Duncan this fall, Pinnacle is the real deal!!!