Prestige’s Mom

Prestige’s Granddam



Stress Negative
Bred By: Heimer Hampshires
Owned With: Heimer Hampshires

It’s with great excitement that we offer you a great pair of boars purchased from Heimer Hampshires!!! Our trip to Taylor, MO was a much anticipated one like is typically is when we make that visit. The operation and genetics at work on the hill have dominated from coast to coast year in and year out! Jesse and the HH crew have offered an elite set of herd sires that have gone on to influence several breeds in a big way. The need to address and add to our crossbred line up this spring was a move we felt was needed and was an easy decision where to search first. The set of boars that Jesse rolled out was impressive as usual and at the end of the day we settled on this pair of elite sires! Prestige starts off the duo in headliner fashion! A line bred pedigree accompanies him as he is sired by Distinct, the $250,000 boar Jesse sold to PBG last year. The dam of Prestige is 58-1 (Droppin’ Swag X Gone Viral). The Gone Viral grand dam is also the mother of Distinct. A littermate to 58-1 is the $5,000 red belted gilt that Jesse sold that fall in the Power Female sale! A line bred and predictable pedigree loaded with great sires that have helped cement the HH Legacy, make Prestige a must use! Prestige is as impressive phenotypically as he is genetically! For a stress negative boar, he loaded with shape and muscle. Ditch backed with a big, expressive hip. This one is a monster in how he comes at you with his huge chest. Width and power are not lacking in Prestige. Stout, stout, stout with big legs and feet. This one has great flex and range of motion. Tall fronted and level made from the side. He has those wow factors we all search for to make those really elite showpigs! Prestige is destined to for greatness with his combination of genetic potency and physical traits. Jesse has a ton of faith in this one as he has already seen a lot of use there! Take your crossbred program worldwide with Prestige!!!