Right Angle


Stress Negative
Bred By: Steve Cobb & Family & Weathers Showpigs
Owned With: Rhett Maverick Showpigs

WPX Crossbred Purchase!

Dam is the 2016 OYE Supreme Overall Gilt!!!

Sometimes one needs to aspire to be different, step out and add the unique breeding piece that can help progress things forward. Occasionally that comes with boars that may be down the line at a show. The 2018 WPX presented that exact scenario to us in the form of the Cobb & Weathers entry. When this one hit the ring he grabbed our attention for just the sheer stoutness and ruggedness that he possessed. Extra heavy duty in his skeleton with huge feet and legs. Feet pointed in the right direction off both ends with the right amount of width the match his build. Great patterned from the side being tall fronted and with a good look. Stout skulled and massive backed with great rib shape and muscle expression. This stress negative boar is awesome in his body mass and density and ties everything together in a smooth and balanced package. Right Angle offers those extras we all like to see! A truly unique breeding boar that only gets you more excited when you dip into his pedigree! His mother is the 2016 Supreme Overall Gilt from OYE that was bred by Steve Cobb & Family. The Weathers Family exhibited that gilt and later on decided to partner up with Cobb to own her together. Breeding her to Square Edge, the Monster Square X Visionary son at Cobb’s, was a no brainer for them and the results were satisfying! Right Angle offers an awesome profile both phenotypically and genetically to sire show hogs that are right for the times and offer that extra punch! We’re pumped to have this one here and feel he’s going to have a bright future. When sitting down at the drawing board to configure your plans to the backdrop make sure you approach it with the Right Angle!!!