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Rise ‘N Shine


Stress Negative
Bred By: Korb Farms

$57,000 Crossbred Classic Purchase

The only boar of the Crossbred Classic that you could breed every sow to and not go backwards was the response of many in attendance in Indianapolis. If you were asleep or out in left field due to a long week of shows, when this Korb Farms entry hit the ring it made you RISE ‘N SHINE. Sired by Wake Up, the popular sire at The Stud, and out of a Bone Thug mommy, this one has to get you excited. In our discussions after the show of this stress negative stud, Ogle made the comment that he is the one that has the bone and stoutness we all look for coupled with the height of shoulder, squareness, and build this is necessary to win the big ones! We were all in agreement and felt he was one that needed to join the battery in Clayton. $57,000 later we held our bidder number high. A BIG THANK YOU to the Rodibaugh crew for teaming up with us on this one. He will see great use in Rensselaer. Huge feet and monster legs with great build and flex of skeleton. Tall fronted and dead level with a shapely back and hip. He is a totals kind of hog, a balanced kind of boar that will make the right kind to feed. Not extreme in any one area just extremely good! RISE ‘N SHINE possesses the traits to make you excited to do exactly that. He will take you in the right direction! Get up early and eliminate the competition right off the bat with RISE ‘N SHINE!!!