Stress Negative
Bred by: Logan Farnham

The Crossbred Classic rolled out a solid set of boars this year that offered lots of unique parts and pieces that could work in a variety of places. Hogs that were stout with muscle and mass or hogs that had the design and look to make trendy showpigs. Few combined the two and the ones that did garnered interest. One of those that had lots of fans was the Farnham Class Winner. A boar that was incredible built with a great look and awesome mass and dimension. One that also carried a dynamite pedigree to boot. Sired by Red 7, the $15,000 Hot Route X Bear son that Bobell sold McCoy at The Entourage sale in ’15, and out of a Visionary X Bear X Swagger X New Beginnings sow bred by Gilstrap. That sow from Seth is a littermate to the mother of Clean Cut, Rough Cut, and the 5x IJSC Champ showed by Bowerman in ’16. This stress negative boar combines lots of greats in his pedigree that have produced countless banner grabbing show hogs so the chances of this one generating are high! Roulette is one impressive boar in his ability to get out and motor! His range of motion and ability to get out and use his hind leg is incredible. One that is so square and true in how he plants and uses his hock. Square in his chest with great reach up front. Big ribbed boar that is bold about his center body with great depth. Square and big down his top. Height of shoulder and levelness from the side is superb and look up front is neat. One that can make those pigs that can get out and cover some surface. Take a chance and try your luck at Roulette!!!