Shout Out


Stress Carrier
Bred By: Corya Family Showpigs
Owned With: Turner Brothers Showpigs

$12,000 Crossbred Classic Purchase

The Crossbred Classic is truly one of the elite events amongst the showpig community. The quality of hogs from top to bottom is out of this world and the crowd is monstrous. While many sit and watch in awe of this spectacle it can also cause some dismay at the same time. This son of The Moment from the Corya Family was on our short list of boars to try and buy. As a ring man for this event, we know it could be quite a challenge to cover all the radius of the crowd efficiently. As this boar entered the ring and bidding took place, it took a massive effort of jumping up and down along with a loud SHOUT OUT to get us into the mix right before they pulled the trigger on this one. From there, it took off and when the dust settled we were happy to land this one for $12,000! Thanks to Turner Brothers Showpigs for their effort in teaming up with us. A boar that comes from a firm that are no strangers to success. They have worked long and hard to build a good sow herd and this boar derives from one of their really good producing sows. She is a Shoot ‘Em x Covershot and has quickly earned the title of their best crossbred sow in her short tenure. She is the mother of the ’14 IN State Fair Jr. Show Reserve Division 2 Champion Crossbred Gilt along with 4 other gilts they exhibited at the Crossbred Classic that sold for nearly $20,000 last summer. SHOUT OUT is a boar that has to get you excited for the way he brings balance and completeness to the forefront. This stress carrier boar is enormously stout featured with huge legs and monster feet. He is busted open at the base of his chest and leaves you the same way. He stays square and true in his hock placement and the flex and set to his hind leg is tremendous. Study this one down his top side and you will find a big back and hip with a huge rib cage. SHOUT OUT is tall fronted and level from the side. He balances up incredibly well and should sire a set of babies that are consistently good and fun to feed. If you need to get noticed in the winner’s circle, just make sure you have a SHOUT OUT on your side!!!