Slick Move


Stress Carrier
Bred By: Warren Bros Showpigs

$40,000 WPX Top Seller

Our track record for heading home from Des Moines, Iowa with a really good crossbred boar in tow is safe for another year, as we were fortunate to purchase the $40,000 Top Seller. The Warren Bros entry hit us extremely hard in the middle of the night when he finally hit the ring. Sired by Above the Rest x No Fare, this pedigree intrigued us due to the No Fare sow being the mother of their $63,000 WPX entry last year and the sire side being something that’s not commonplace amongst today’s popular pedigrees. This stress carrier monster is big footed and huge boned. He is one that is tall fronted, good headed and square. SLICK MOVE is busted open in his chest and leaves you with a wide pin set. He is pulled apart and shapely down his back with a good rib cage laid in him. He gets out and motors with ease and has a cocky, show hog demeanor to him. SLICK MOVE is one that excites us to put to use here as we feel this one can make some big time show hogs that combine look, mass, and muscle in a sound package. Slide on into the winner’s circle with SLICK MOVE!!!