Stress Pending
Bred By: George & Mike Wilson

Words cannot even begin to describe the impact that Snapshot had during his tenure at Crossroads. After his untimely death, we were on the hunt for a son that we felt could come in and continue to carry on the torch that his daddy already had in place. In starting our search we kept going back to the Watson Reserve Crossbred Boar that we had ran across while in Perry, Georgia at the Winter Type Conference. We would like to thank Alton Andrews for allowing Slingshot to come back to Indiana and go on stud at Crossroads. Slingshot is one that is massive boned and wide based in his skeleton. He is wide and square down his top with a big, bold rib cage. Slingshot offers a dead level look with plenty of attractiveness through his head and neck and is sound and athletic when on the move. We feel that Slingshot gives us the potential to continue to build on the foundation left behind by Snapshot. Fly your way into the winners circle with Slingshot!!!