Stress Carrier
Bred By: Malcolm Farms

Smack Down was our 2nd purchase of the 2014 Crossbred Classic. He was named Senior Division Champion and came from Malcolm Farms. Having a pedigree of Earle X Caveman X Super Monster, this stress carrier boar turns our crank for being extra big backed and hipped with a huge center body; along with being wide and opened up at the ground. Earle was actually a boar that we saw last fall and liked a great deal along with many babies of his too, so we jumped on the chance to bring this one home. When Dan Baker said sold and we held our number up it cost us $22,000 to exchange ownership but feel this one’s generating power will be worth every cent. Smack Down is truly one of those big topped, big hipped, big centered hogs that we all want to use to make show hogs that look like that. He has muscle running down his spine and back thru his hip. He comes at you with a monster chest and leaves with a huge caboose. At the ground, he stays square and correct in his feet placement and does it on a very sound, athletic skeleton. Get off to the side of Smack Down and you can see that he has a big soft, pliable rib with great depth of body. We like his foot and bone size as well and feel it round out his balanced package of traits. If your sows need that extra shot of mass everywhere while keeping them sound and correct then knock the competition to the mat for the 3 count with Smack Down!!!