Sock ‘Em


Stress Negative
Bred By: Heimer Hampshires
Owned With: Heimer Hampshires

It’s with great pride and enjoyment that we introduce the other half of the duo from Heimer and one that fires us up in a big time way! In studying the pictures and info Jesse sent prior to our trip, the Outta Sight hog quickly jumped out as us. To see he was out of the same dam as Kiss My Socks generated even more interest. Upon arrival and evaluation, it become quickly apparent that he was one we needed to make sure we had on the trailer going home! The interest level of KMS, the limited availability of semen on him, and the fact of this one being out of the same sow should put him quickly on your radar! Sock ‘Em is one that we feel has the capability of being one of those elite type boars that we have been fortunate to bring in and offer to the public! One that has that same killer look and build of KMS with a completely different pedigree on the top side. Sired by Outta Sight (Outta Hand 235 X Fortune X Wake Up’s Mom) and out of the 137-11 (Colt 45 X Swagger) sow. That sow has done really big things for HH and it appears that she has hit again with this powerful son. Sock ‘Em is really one of the unique ones to come into our stud in recent times. One that is absolutely flawless in terms of his build and design. Extra flexible with great reaching power when set into motion. Plants his hind leg as square and true and good as you can find and does so with authority. Tall fronted with great look and extension up front. Resembles his half-brother identically in those regards. Sock ‘Em is massive in his center body and has great rib shape. Big, square back and hip with great muscle volume. Good in his bone work and ideal in his frame size. A great combination of mass and look that is right for the times. Sock ‘Em is an incredible kind of Crossbred boar that is rich in pedigree and awesome in his presence. Take it to the competition and leave them flat on their back with Sock ‘Em!!!