Stress Carrier
Bred By: Jessica Corya

We went to Springfield with a goal of laying in a spot boar and couldn’t be more excited about our initial purchase, Tadpole!! We actually had the opportunity to view the pair of Corya boars this spring as babies and Tadpole was easily our pick! He blew us away then with his width, dimension and added muscle shape and expression. Fast forward a couple months to the Summer Type Conference, and we knew he was the spot boar we wanted to fit the mold here at Crossroads! Tadpole is one that comes and goes with the right kind of width on a sound, flexible skeleton. He is moderate in his frame and deep in his dimension. Study this ones shapely, square hipand massive, grooved top! He is blown open on the top side of his blade and maintains this width down through his huge chest floor and back thru his stifle. He is a stout boned one that has huge feet and big even toes. Add in his jet level build along with his extra look and extension and we feel this is the right kind to make those winning spotted show barrows! To top things off, he comes from one of the deepest litters of spots we have seen and his littermate sister was the 5th Overall Spot Gilt at the 2011 World Pork Expo (pictured below)! If you’re serious about making spotted show hogs that can go out and compete, then Tadpole is your answer!!