The Amigo


Stress Negative
Bred By: Tres Amigos Showpigs

We are firm believers that really good boars come from GREAT sows! We always anticipate our trip every time we venture up to Rodibaughs because we know we are going to see good hogs and visit with great breeders. Our recent trip up there led us to a crossbred boar Justin had been telling us about for some time. When he and Jake Hege drove out this boar we were absolutely floored!! Never before have we had an opportunity to purchase such a unique specimen!! It took us $15,000 but The Amigo hit us harder than any one boar has, since the formation of Crossroads, due to his massive square build, abundance of muscle, and flawless motion. This one is so powerfully constructed coming at you with a big chest cavity while maintaining that same impressive width throughout the entire base of his skeleton. He has a huge, shapely hip and rump and continues this trend down his schulptured topline. The Amigo has an enormous center body cavity being open and bold about his rib cage. Put this one on the go and he is as sound and flexible as you will find and never misses a step! Stout in his feature, bold in his design, and square in his build sums up this elite herd boar in a nut shell. His mother does not need to go unmentioned! She is the powerful “Serena” sow they purchased from Matt & Tammy Miller at the Crossbred Classic in 2010. She is a littermate to “One & Only” at Hi Poing and she has went on to produce countless dollars’ worth of big time barrows including the $5,000 “Cinco”, who was the many time Champion or Reserve Barrow on the 2011 IJSC and a $4,750 barrow at the Ring of Success Pig Sale in Texas to highlight just a couple. We feel that The Amigo may be her best yet!!!! If you’r in the business to make big time sellable babaies that go on to win big hog shows then we feel like The Amigo will be your best buddy to complete this mission!! Many special THANKS to the Tres Amigos crew for making this one available to us!!