Under Wraps


Stress Carrier
Bred By: Lewis Genetics

$18,000 WPX Purchase!!!

The second part of our exciting duo we purchased from the Crossbred show at the WPX comes to us in the form of the $18,000 2nd Place boar shown by Lewis Genetics. AJ always does and incredible job and has exhibited lots of boars over the years that have grabbed our attention. None hitting us harder than this Lock It Up X Let ‘Er Eat son. Powerhouse pedigree with a big time phenotype. For those of you not aware, Lock It Up is the very popular and highly successful Hot Route son at Wintex Farms; that they have deemed their “next go to boar!” Let ‘Er Eat is the Hillbilly Bone at 4K farms that has been a solid contributor to making great sows. Stacked pedigree with lots of banners to backup an incredible boar. Under Wraps is one that super heavy boned and rugged in his skeleton. Big legs and monster feet with a stout skull. Great designed boar that is up headed and tall shouldered. Great shape and mass to his center body with a bold rib cage. Extra width and dimension with an athletic build to his skeleton. Great range of motion and flexibility. We think this one can be a big time barrow sire! Continue the pursuit of hoarding purple banners with Under Wraps!!!