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American Picker


Stress Negative
Registration: 370374003
Ear Notch: 3-3
Bred By: Joe Cunningham
Owned With: Robin Ridge Farms

Every once in a while you stumble across a diamond in the rough or come across something that has been unknown to the general public. These things can reap big rewards that can become valuable to the masses. This is exactly the case when a red boar was discovered in Northeastern Oklahoma. Our good friend, Mike Fagg, made us aware of a video of a very intriguing red boar that offered a different pedigree to our stable here at Crossroads. On the way home for Duncan, Mike stopped in at Joe Cunningham’s place and looked at him and right away felt he needed to be made available to lots of sows. We picked him up on our way home later that day and couldn’t be more excited to have this one here! If you’re a fan of the show American Pickers, then it’s easy to figure out the meaning of his name. We feel this boar fits the concept of that show perfectly! American Picker reads with a pedigree of Can’t Stop X Straight Jacket. Bred by Joe Cunningham, he comes from a very successful and deep litter. He had 2 littermate brothers that won their barrow classes at OYE in 2016. Phenotypically, this boar is flat out impressive to view. Huge boned and stout featured with a great running gear. Square and true in his skeleton with a perfect set and flex to his hock. This one can reach out and grab some surface. American Picker is immaculate in his presence as he is tall shouldered and level designed with great front end extension. He has great mass and dimension to his center body. Super balanced and complete kind of boar that we think can be a big timer! If you want to make red hogs that can be very valuable in the ring, you don’t have to go digging thru and bunch of old stuff; just let American Picker be your guide!!!