Black Magic


Stress Negative
Registration: 98028001
Ear Notch: 32-1
Bred By: Beck & Neal
Owned With: Kirk Miller

Black Magic is originally a boar that we raised and entered at the ‘09 Summer Type Conference that was purchased by Kirk Miller. After starting Crossroads and seeing what powerful siring ability Black Magic had, we knew we had to get him back here on stud.  In his time at Millers he produced Katie Pilcher’s $3200 Class-Winning Gilt at the ‘10 Summer Type Conference and the Champion Berk Gilt at the Circle of Gold. Long story short, Kirk graciously let him come back to Indiana and we are very pleased he did. Black Magic is an incredible Berkshire boar. He is extremely stout and massive in his make up. Huge feet, big even toes and tree trunks for legs sets this one apart from the rest. Add in his awesome hip and hind leg to his dead level skeleton and long, extended head and neck makes this guy a sure bet. Not to mention is unbelievable  power and dimension for a mature boar should leave breeders wanting to come back for more.  Another reason you may want to consider this guy is because he has no All You Want, Time Bandit, or Walk the Dog in his pedigree!!!  If your goal is to make those winning Berkshire barrows or popular foundation females, then Black Magic needs to be in your program!!