Stress Negative
Registration: 554687008
Ear Notch: 43-8
Bred By: Robin Ridge Farm

Boomerang comes to us as the Champion Yorkshire Male at the 2014 ‘Go Big or Go Home’ Customer Appreciation Sale. We purchased this one from our good friend Mike Fagg of Robin Ridge Farm and it took $4,000 to secure him. This is the first weanling prospect we had ever purchased and at the sift he excited us for being extra stout featured with a bunch of muscle and good show hog look. Fast forward to now and he still gets us excited for what he has to offer. Boomerang still reads with that same stoutness and heaviness of bone that he had as a baby. You will still find tons of muscle shape and expression in this one. He still presents himself with a good look. With maturity he has exploded in terms of center body mass and volume. He has a monster back, big rib cage and good flesh to his flank and lower 1/3. This one comes at you big chested and leaves wide behind while staying square and true in his motion. Sired by Ricochet only sweetens the pot in our opinion. He has had incredible summer siring the 5th Overall WPX Jr. National Gilt, 3rd Overall Jr Gilt at IN, 4th Overall Jr Gilt at IL, and Champion York Gilt at IL in the open show just to name a few. His Too Husky mother is one of Mike’s good generating sows so we feel this one can continue to follow in his daddy’s legacy while creating his own!!!