Buried Alive


Stress Negative
Registration: 374068007
Ear Notch: 6-7
Bred By: Kolb Genetics
Owned With: Kob Genetics, Beyers Farms & Robin Ridge Farms

When one thinks about very talented, young breeders within the Duroc breed that have experienced early successes, then Kolb Genetics quickly has to become a key conversation piece for that discussion. A firm that over the last couple years have consistently brought out a good set of breeding stock that have been well received. Several boars in studs and many banners hung at a variety of shows. The key component to their successes is the set of King sows that they have in production there. If you trace their program it doesn’t take long to discover their influence there. No matter what Kurtis has bred them to they have worked well! The case was the same this summer at Louisville. He drove a pair of littermate boars sired by Off Label 15-3 out of one of the famous King sows. While the other fared better in the show, we latched on to this one as soon as he hit the ring. A deep, competitive class kept this one down the line and out of the sale but fortunate for us we were able to get him secured that evening. The buzz after the show was strong and this boar made several conversations so we knew we had something here! Thanks to Kurtis for sharing him with us and for Beyers Farms for partnering with us on him. The Off Label lineage needs no introduction to recent successes in the Duroc rings and the King sow that is the mother of Buried Alive is the best one of the bunch. She was a highly successful show gilt winning many shows but her production legacy is outdoing her show career. She is the mother of Red Label at Triple B and the $6,800 Sr. Champion Gilt at the 2014 IN State Fair. Buried Alive is one that you have to get excited about if you like red hogs that are stout boned, good built, and shapely. He has huge feet and big toes with monster legs. Flexibility and length of stride is ideal and one that opens up with good width at the ground of both ends while staying square in how he hits the ground. Tall fronted and great looking up front while being level down his spine. Shape and mass in the center portion of his body makes him and super balanced and complete one that defies the odds. We think Buried Alive holds his own in this very deep set of red boars and is one that can move you forward. If you want to hang big banners on the biggest stages then make sure your competitors are Buried Alive!!!