Carbon Copy’s Littermate Sister 

Carbon Copy


Stress Negative
Registration: 574456002
Ear Notch: 17-2
Bred By: Adam Beck & Family Showpigs


For many, that’s all that might need to be said on this one. We know that’s not the only selling point this one needs because he is a really special kind of individual just like his sister. There are often times in the livestock business that things happen differently than you plan, and there is always a reason for that. It may not be apparent at the time, but it always reveals itself at some point. CARBON COPY was our boar on feed for the STC. We knew his sister was good and should be competitive but we were even more excited about the impact we felt this one could have down there. Our bar for feeding and showing boars is very high and this one had been exceeding it in every way possible. When this one decided to come up lame about 2 weeks prior to Louisville, we knew our chance to exhibit a really good one had come to an end. Our plans prior to his hip injury were to breed several sows to this one. That plan remains in place even after the injury. Unfortunately for CARBON COPY, he may never be able to be pictured or shown on a tour, but this one is truly elite in our minds. He earns his name because he is a copy of his sister. Massive boned, huge center body with a big back and great show hog look. This one is stout in any and all aspect you view him. Monster chest and awesome width. Feet and leg soundness was superb pre-injury along with squareness of build. Great hogs come from great litters and great mothers and this is no different here. Final Drive mother is a true generator for us. She herself is a littermate to our $21,000 Driven boar we sold at STC a few years back to LVS. We truly feel this one will have his impact in our program and many others. If your goal is to do what his sister did in Louisville then make your CARBON COPY today!!!

Sired by Carbon Copy:

2017 San Antonio Stock Show
Shown by: Natalee Swan
2016 ‘Go Big or Go Home’ Customer Appreciation Sale
Shown by: Barney Family Showpigs