Stress Negative
Registration: 154762004
Ear Notch: 8-4
Bred By: Lowdermilk Showpigs

The spotted breed is one that has been very fortunate to us over the years since Crossroads opened up shop. It’s a breed that we have taken very seriously to ensure we can find and offer the very best in the breed that we feel will pass on the traits desired to help move the breed forward. We had kept our eyes open this summer to find that next piece of the puzzle but had yet to do so at any of the summer events. Two weeks prior to the Indiana State Fair we had a fellow breeder and very good friend call us to tell us he had just left Troy Lowdermilk’s place and that there was a spotted boar out there we needed to in his words “Just go get bought prior to IN!!” Long story short, we made the trip to Centerpoint and brought home what we feel is a breeder changer in some areas. Detox is one that really excites us where he excels in our minds. This one first off is one of, if not the, heaviest boned, biggest footed spotted boars we have seen to date. He takes that massive stout skeleton and puts it together in a flawless design that is tall fronted, dead level from blade to hip, and has awesome look thru his front end. This one comes and goes on incredibly square with all four feet pointing in the right direction. Detox is a stress carrier and is one that reads with a great deal of muscle volume. One that is not necessarily exploding out of his skeleton with that ‘poppy’ barrow muscle, but one that we feel is going to add a bunch of muscle mass to make those elite spotted show gilts or herd boars. This one brings a little different pedigree to the table on the sire side being out of Radioactive, the popular Lowdermilk & Hege boar from last summer. The sow side reads with a famous Crossroads spotted sire in Bullfrog and this one’s mother is a littermate to Troy’s $3,200 Class Winning Gilt and $2,500 2nd Place Boar at the 2013 Indiana State Fair. Thanks for Corya Family Showpigs for teaming up with us on Detox; as we know he will get a good some good sows at their place! If you need to inject that extra shot of bone while keeping that needed look, and design in your spotted program then make sure you kill the competition with Detox!!!

Sired by Detox:

2016 Team Purebred Jr. National
Shown by: Kellen Lawson