Stress Negative
Registration: 488933001
Ear Notch: 5-1
Bred By: Albright Swine Farm

Our trip to southern Michigan to visit our good friend Doug Albright was a fun one. We always enjoy talking hogs with Doug and are always impressed by the offerings he has. The intentions of the trip was to check out a Berkshire boar, Bright Lights, but also yielded a big time good Hampshire boar. This Haymaker X Initial Blow son is one unique belted boar in our minds. When they drove him out, he blew us away with his ability to combine heaviness and bone with flexibility of skeleton and show hog look. Tall fronted and dead level. Big bones and feet. A true athlete that gets out and takes a big stride with ease and comfort. Square and true going as he is coming at you. Shape and muscle to balance this incredible Hampshire boar. E-BRAKE is one that you definitely need to have on your breeding sheets is you want to make Hampshires that are stout, elevated and sound. Hampshire females built like this one could be very valuable! Stop any and all comers in their tracks with E-BRAKE!!!