Far Out


Stress Carrier
Registration: 163452002
Ear Notch: 24-2
Bred By: Farrer Stock Farm
Over Run: $100
Last Call: $75

$14,000 2nd Top-Selling STC Spot Boar

There isn’t many names more synonymous with the spotted breed than the Farrer family. They’ve spent decade after decade producing high quality spotted swine and can be found as the source for many successes for lots of Spot breeders today. A firm that’s never chased trends or fads but stuck to their guns of raising livestock the way they like. Their Summer Type Conference entry was one that turned lots of heads and fit lots of criteria for today’s show ring trend. Not a mainstream pedigree on the initial lines but one that when you break it down has lots of the good generating spot boars of recent times in it. Smack Talk is sired by the highly successful Loud Mouth and is out of a Double Feature sow. Nationwide is a Randy Nation bred boar that was a Tango X Demolition Man. Powerful pedigree that is loaded with big time qualities. Far Out is one that is certainly right for the times with the head carriage and extension he has to his front end. Square and opened up in his blade with a big squad back that is shapely and expressive. Bold and pliable in his rib shape. Big chested with a stout leg under him. Bone is stout and heavy. Great range of motion makes him an athletic kind of spotted boar. It took $14,000 to secure this youngest class winner in Springfield and we couldn’t be more excited about offering him. Leave the competition behind when you take them Far Out of the picture!!!