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Fast Track


Stress Negative
Registration: 382805003
Ear Notch: 19-3
Bred By: Tres Amigos Showpigs
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$31,000 2nd Top-Selling STC Duroc Boar

A pair of big time red boars hit us like a ton of bricks at Louisville and were ones we knew we needed to lay in to strengthen our Red program even more. Having a deep and stout set of red ones is something we strive for and it has paid back big time dividends to us; while most importantly providing huge results for customers. We are excited to have both of these here to offer to you and feel they are going to do big things. Fast Track is the $31,000 youngest STC class winning boar from the Tres Amigos crew. He was also the 2nd Top-Selling Boar of the Duroc show. Sired by First Class, their high dollar boar from last summer who was a mate to the Grand Overall Gilt @ Indy last summer. The mother of Fast Track is a Honeymoon X King sow who was bred by Jackson and won her class at Indy last summer. The King female is the famous Queenie sow that Jackson purchased from Caldwell and has done big things for them. Fast Track comes from a successful litter with a mate sister being named Grand Overall Gilt at a highly competitive IN county recently. Fast Track is one flat out impressive specimen! One that is so heavy and stout in his skeleton with great muscle shape and an awesome build. Huge legs and big feet that point the right direction. Great width and dimension off both ends while staying true in his angles Extra mobility and range of motion. Expressive, shapely back with a big rib cage. Stout skulled and long necked. This one reads like a big time barrow sire. There is no firm in the red breed on a faster track to producing elite red ones time and time again than the Amigos and it sure looks like they’ve done it again! Position yourself in the winner’s circle at a quick pace with Fast Track!!!