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Free Agent


Stress Negative
Registration: 371697010
Ear Notch: 5-10
Bred By: Hill Showpigs Raised by Johnson Coy Genetics

The Duroc boar show no matter what the venue is always good but the WPX this year was way good and way deep! The Johnson Coy hog hit us like a ton of bricks early as he was 2nd in class 1 to the eventual Reserve Champion! Sired by New Direction, our $29,000 STC purchase, Free Agent was purchased as a baby at our annual Go Big Go Home Customer sale from Hill Showpigs. The Light ‘Em Up sow is a great one in the Hill herd as she has been a big time generator! She is known to them as Queeni. Queeni is a littermate to the Reserve Lightweight Divison Champion at San Antonio 2015. Queeni is also a full sib to Revenge at Cain Super Sires and the $9000 Gilt that sold in Louisville in 2014. Free Agent is next level good in terms of build, balance, and design! Tall fronted and jet level with freakish look. Great shape of muscle with a big square hip. Big chested and busted open both coming and going. Huge bones and big feet. Flexibility and squareness that will set him apart! This one will be a big time addition to lead the charge of a deep set of Duroc boars here! If you’re in the game of landing the big prize, make sure you sign a Free Agent to your show team!!