Front & Center


Stress Negative
Registration: 595795005
Ear Notch: 38-5
Bred By: Final Drive Genetics
Champion Yorkshire Boar 2017 Southwest Type Conference

High quality Yorkshire boars are a thing that never go out of style! The demand for purebred livestock is at an all-time high and it’s the pool of good quality livestock that are helping fuel that fire. Finding the boars that will generate is key but when you can find those sows that do that too it’s definitely an added bonus! To win a Champion Banner at a National Type Conference is a big feat to accomplish, to win it twice in a row is almost unparalleled, and to win it two years in a row out of the same sow is rarely heard of! The Leatherman crew at Final Drive Genetics and their About Time sow has just recently accomplished all of those feats! Front & Center is just as his name implies; as he was the last one standing when the dust settled on the Yorkshire Show in Belton being named Champion Boar. His sire, Gain Control, is one of the hottest things going currently in the Yorkshire breed and his About Time mother is doing lots of good things too! Last year at the SWTC, they exhibited a boar out of her that was named Champion and sold for $22,000 (Up the Limit @ Southern Gold). We are pumped to have Front & Center on stud and he has done nothing but continue to get better every day he has been here. Big backed and massive ribbed with huge feet. Square and opened up with a stout, showpig look. We think he compliments things real well with our current Yorkshire offering! Get everyone’s attention by taking your Yorkshires Front & Center!!!