Game Face


Stress Negative
Registration: 484601002
Ear Notch: 12-2
Bred By: Watson Hamps
Owned With: Wehmer Showpigs, Robin Ridge Farm, & Glunt Showpigs

Game Face is the 2nd boar of the Watson pair that we brought home from Indy. He was named Reserve Champion Overall of the show. This one hit us like a ton of bricks to bring home and make those coveted Hampshire barrows that so many of us long to drive. Game Face is one that is extra shapely and muscular in his appearance. He also offers that freak fronted head and neck that should ensure that added show appeal is passed on to the next generation. He is big backed and big hipped with muscle to burn. He still ties in a big center body cavity that reads soft and easy fleshing. This should allow for those offspring to feed with ease. At the ground, Game Face has big legs and feet and is busted open front to rear. He too travels across any surface with ease. Sired by Hats Off 14-8, littermate to Speechless, and out of a Game On sow again offers a little different pedigree twist for current times. We would like to thank Robin Ridge, Wehmer Showpigs, and Glunt Showpigs for teaming up with us to bring Game Face back to the area he was raised up in. If your mission is to breed those elite Hampshire show barrows that are tough to beat or try and make that herd boar everyone wants, then you better make sure you come prepared with your Game Face on!!!