Ground Work


Registration: 523845002
Ear Notch: 15-2
Bred By: Straka, Doris, & Gilstrap

Wow what a rare find in this one!!! We would like to first off thank our good friend Seth Gilstrap for making this powerhouse Yorkshire boar available to us. Seth had been telling us about this young boar prospect he had on feed from his fall set and when we had the opportunity to view him we were blown away! Never before had we seen a Yorkshire boar with this much width and muscle and still be able to get out and handle it. Every aspect of this one’s skeleton reads stout! He is huge legged with great big feet and toes and a monster forearm. When this one comes at you, his chest width is amazing and then he leaves you with the same impeccable width. This one is square built and as durable and athletic as you will find. Study this one from the top side and he has an enormous rump and maintains that down thru his blades. His rib shape and depth of body will take your breath away! From the side, he is dead level down his top and thru his ham loin junction where most Yorkshires are not. Ground Work brings a lot of excitement to Crossroads and we couldn’t be happier that he is in our arsenal. To top things off, his littermates had very successfull show careers being named the Overall Supreme Champion Gilt at the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show and Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt at San Antonio!! Get in on the ground level of making big time competitive Yorkshire market hogs and breeding stock with Ground Work!!!