Hammer Down


Stress Negative
Registration: 163502008
Ear Notch: 20-8
Bred By: Down Family Showpigs
Over Run: $50
Last Call: $50

We’re firm believers when you find a good thing you can never have too much. The spotted show at the WPX was extremely good and the pair of Down boars definitely caught our attention. Both bred very similar, we purchased one (Touchdown) and was contending bidder on the other. After expo, Brian posted some pics and a video of a February boar he had on feed that was actually a full sib to Touchdown. We immediately made contact with him to come take a look. When Brian drove this one out of the barn it took only a matter of seconds for us to decide we needed to own him as well! We’re pumped about this pair of Downtowns and what we think they can do. Hammer Down is a Downtown X On the Run that is stress negative. He is a full sib to our WPX purchase (mothers are littermates). That pair of Expo boars drew lots of interest and offered some different things in terms of boldness and build. Our feeling is that Hammer Down combines those 2 boar and then some. He is the stoutest boned and biggest legged of those 3. His hip and hind leg structure are superb and about as ideal as you will find in a spot. Square in his skeleton off both ends with great range of motion. A boar that is truly tall fronted and level made back thru his hip. Good kind of muscle mass and boldness for a negative boar. A combination sire that is sure to please the most critical evaluators of structure and stoutness. This one is a pure athlete on the go with a big hind leg. We are pumped to have this one settled in and ready to offer this fall. Put a beat down on the competition and don’t let up when you put the Hammer Down!!!