Stress Negative
Registration: 365871003
Ear Notch: 22-3
Bred By: Palmer Show Team
Owned With: Palmer Show Team and Beyers Farm

The passion and pride for the Duroc breed runs deep in our program and through our families’ histories. It’s one that we have set out with a huge focus on to strive and offer the best boars we can find in this breed. Fortunately for us, we have been lucky enough to experience a good deal of success in this breed, and that in turn creates maximum demand for Duroc boars amongst our customers. This goes hand in hand with building a good relationship with breeders and field men both, and generates interest in getting the good ones laid in here. Those that have been to Duncan know how hectic this event can be to get everything seen. Sometimes ones are missed in the ring that place on down the line as we visit with customers or watch other breeds show. A big thank you goes out to Brett Beyers and Brian Anderson for acting as a HEADHUNTER and making us aware of the Palmer entry at the Fall Classic. This one had them fired up and we knew we needed to get him to IN. Thanks to everyone that made this whole deal come together. HEADHUNTER brings a unique pedigree to our stable of boars for what we’ve had to offer. Sired by Break’N Out and out of an Off Label sow. His mom was the Champion at the 2014 Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair and grandmother was a littermate to their very popular Fall Classic entry in 2012. A littermate barrow to Headhunter was a class winner at the 2015 American Royal. We are excited to have HEADHUNTER to offer and love what he brings to the table. Much like his name implies, he is a tall shouldered, up headed kind of a boar. One that runs up hill with incredible show hog look. Level made and great designed from the side, with a square made kind of skeleton. Headhunter has a big back and shapely top and hip. He is busted open coming at you and maintains that advantage going away. Flexibility and range of motion make this one a powerhouse kind of barrow sire in our minds. Stout skulled and rugged made. We think this one will fit right in and help us continue to roll our red program forward. Again thanks to Brett Beyers for teaming up with us to get this one locked up. If your business is making red hogs that sift thru the competition, and do so with a high head, then make sure you load up with a HEADHUNTER!!!

Sired by Headhunter:

2016 NAILE
Shown by: Crosby Jackman